About Us

In a period of extraordinary intellectual development and creativity in the seventh and eighth centuries, the Angle kingdom of Northumbria (UK) became the cradle of English Christianity, culture and language. It was on of the most influential states in Europe, producing churchmen, writers and artists who helped shape the world in which we have lived for the past 1000 years and whose influence is still with us today.

Now Britain is entering a period of change. In Scotland and Wales, the flags are waving high. But English national culture lacks any guiding spirit - for too long its standard has been left withering in the hands of London and the Home Counties.

Against this background, the Northumbrian Association has been created. We use the term Northumbria to apply to North East England from the valley of the Tees to the Tweed. The association is a registered charity which embraces those of all political pursuasions who share the belief that Northumbrian culture must be maintained and advanced. We believe that moving our historic culture into the mainstream of regional life can play a vital role in regeneration, as it has done for others from Catalonia to Norway.

Within months of our formation an All Party Group of the Northumbrian Association has been formed in the House of Commons to represent these views at the highest level. Our regional culture is one of the greatest in Europe. Let us join together, tell the world about it and put this great region back on the map. After all, this is where England was born. We take Tennyson's words as our guide:

"Love thou thy land, with love far-brought
From out the storied past and used
Within the present, but transfused
Thro' future time by power of thought"