Where can I see them?

The Gospels are currently cared for by the British Library, in Euston Road in London and they are not always on public display.  Historic Manuscripts of this kind are very fragile and are only able to be displayed for limited periods of time, the British Library therefore rotates the display of the Gospels alongside other sensitive manuscripts.  If you decide to travel to the British Library to see the Gospels, you will need to call ahead and check that they are on display, or find out when they are next on display. 

Partly as a consequence of a previous campaign by the Northumbrian Association and others for the return of the Gospels to the North, the Library produced a set of facsimiles. Facsimile copies are at Durham Cathedral; Palace Green Library, part of Durham University; The Lindisfarne Centre on Holy Island, and the Parish Church of St Mary and St Cuthbert in Chester-le-Street. The British Library web site also has a page on the Gospels that can be found here and you can turn some of the pages of the Gospels in the Library's 'Turning the Pages' collection which you can find here.

The good news is that it will now be possible to see the Gospels in the North although only every seven years. The agreement that provides for their temporary return is the outcome of an agreement between the British Library and regional partners, including the Northumbrian Association, led by Durham Cathedral and Durham University.

At the exhibition at Palace Green in Durham in 2013 over 100,000 people came to see the Gospels alongside other unique treasures providing evidence, should it be needed, of the influence of and level of interest in the Gospels in North East England, and of others from further afield. They are due to return in 2020 and it is hopeful they be on display at Durham Cathedral, which now its Open Treasure project is complete, will have suitable facilities to display the Lindisfarne Gospels in the manner in which they need to be kept from a conservation and security point of view.

The Northumbrian Association will continue to promote the significance of the Lindisfarne Gospels, alongside St Cuthbert, in whose honour they were created.  We will continue to work collaboratively with other regional partners recognising and celebrating the Gospels as an object of huge cultural significance for North East England.  We very much look forward to their next visit to the North.